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“Titanic” to be re-released in 3D

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“Titanic” to be re-released in 3D – Many films (for the Cinema and TV) were made about the ill-fated ship. From a banned Nazi version to Cameron’s over the top blockbuster.

A little bit over a decade ago, the movie Titanic became a real box office smasher with girls crying their eyes out watching Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet try to survive the disaster.

It was so 1997.

Titanic’s Oscar-winning director James Cameron is eying the film’s major digital makeover. He said he wanted to “dimensionalize” the blockbuster film set aboard the RMS Titanic and turn it into one of the most impressive 3D movies the world has ever seen, MTV reported.

Cameron is inspired by his 3D flick Avatar and plans to re-release Titanic 3D sometime in 2011.

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