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Elvis Presley sails onboard the S.S. Matsonia to Hawaii 1957

Elvis’ love for Hawaii ran deep, and during his lifetime he visited often. Whether it was to perform concerts and benefits, film a movie, or just to vacation, the islands would always draw him back. Elvis sailed to Hawaii from Los Angeles aboard the SS Matsonia on November 5, 1957. ... Read More »

Liners President Juan Perón and Eva Perón – Europe to Argentina

Alberto Dodero is a completely forgotten name in today’s world, but in the mid-20th century, he was the major shipping tycoon in South America. Having the advantage of Argentina being neutral, His fortune greatly expanded during World War II with his cargo ships alone bringing a $5,600,000 profit (almost $100 ... Read More »


Journey back in time with us now to the SS Mariposa as she embarks on a south seas cruise, photographed in glorious 16mm Kodachrome by Mildred and Harry Brown of Glendale, California between February 25th and April 3, 1963. See leisurely, voyeuristic shots of a lithe woman sunning herself with ... Read More »

Elizabeth Taylor sailed Trans-Atlantic many times aboard Cunard Line.

Elizabeth Taylor sailed Trans-Atlantic many times.   These are photos of her voyages aboard Cunard Line. 1950: Aboard the Queen Mary… Newlyweds Elizabeth Taylor and hotel heir Conrad “Nick” Hilton Jr. set a course for romance when the Queen Mary set sail on May 24, 1950, 18 days after the couple ... Read More »

Khedivial Mail Line once operated service between Egypt and New York.

Khedivial Mail Line once operated service between Egypt and New York.   As history records the event in Cairo… here is a blog on Egypt’s once excellent trans-Atlantic steamship service. SS Mohamed Ali el-Kebir The original name of the company is unknown but it is thought that it was founded in ... Read More »

SS PASTEUR 1939 Cie de Navigation Sud Atlantique – A career cut short by WW 2.

Great youtube video: The “TSS Pasteur” was a special case in ocean liner history. The great liner was never officially in service. It arrived just in time for World War II and saw little passenger service.  The Pasteur was one of the least-documented great liners of its era, yet its ... Read More »


This video is from a super 8 home movie collection. It was filmed around 1972. The Great White Steamer sailed to Catalina Island during the summer. This is one of its last trips before being discontinued. The S.S. Catalina, also known as The Great White Steamer, was a 301-foot steamship ... Read More »

THE SS FRANCE AND THE SS LIBERTE – Elegance at sea – Now a memory.

Cruise History: THE SS FRANCE AND THE SS LIBERTE – Elegance at sea – Now a memory. Enjoy these gorgeous full color home movies from SHIPGEEK shot by a lucky couple who traveled on the SS France Eastbound, and the SS Liberte Westbound, trans-Atlantic. Crossing the pond. Shipgeek has combined ... Read More »

SS United States sails to the West Indies during the 1960s.

Cruise Ship History and Cruising The Past. More steamship history with a video cruise aboard the SS United States. In 1964, former SS United States purser Jim Green returned to the ship as a passenger for a West Indies cruise along with his beloved wife Frieda. Here, set to the ... Read More »

The QE2 hotel project appears to be on hold in Dubai.

QE2 arriving in Dubai last November. Will the QE2 make cruise ship history as a hotel or eventually be sent to the scrap heap? The QE2 hotel project appears to be on hold in Dubai. Looking forlorn, forgotten and unloved, Cunard’s former queen of the Atlantic swelters under the glare ... Read More »