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History of the Holland America Line – Holland America Line Cruises… The HAL liner NIEUW AMSTERDAM in the 1950s with the SS UNITED STATES Liner History would not be complete, without studying the venerable Holland America Line.  One of the last lines to offer Trans-Atlantic crossings on a regular basis before the Jet took the fun out of crossing the ... Read More »

Egypt’s passenger steamship company: The Khedivial Mail Line

Khedivial Mail Line once operated service between Egypt and New York. SS Mohamed Ali el-Kebir The original name of the company is unknown but it is thought that it was founded in 1858. The Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Co. was formed in 1898 to operate ships and docks owned by various departments of the Egyptian Government, but little ... Read More »


Social and Travel History: Alcoa to the Caribbean. When ALCOA operated three passenger cargo liners to the West Indies.  Modern ships – elegant yet casual service.  A look to the cruising past. Because of shipping shortages in World War I, Alcoa (formerly the Aluminum Company of America) developed its own shipping line to carry bauxite from its source in what ... Read More »

THE FIRST CRUISE SHIP WAS A “PRINCESS”: – The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the world’s first cruise ship.

THE FIRST CRUISE SHIP WAS A “PRINCESS”: – The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the world’s first cruise ship. The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the world’s first cruise ship. Cruise Ship History and Cruising The Past – The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the world’s first cruise ship. Built for the Hamburg America Line, she was launched on June 29, 1900 and ... Read More »


Great Video on Elinor Smith. Elinor Smith was born in 1911. She knew she was born to fly at the age of 6 when she took her first airplane ride. She started taking lessons at the age of 8. She was fortunate at that time to have parents who supported her in what she wanted to do. Her mother didn’t ... Read More »

History of the Alaska Steamship Company, Seattle, 1895-1971

1950s ALASKA CRUISE – Retro August 1954 look at the final days of the Alaska Steamship Company with a history of the famous organization that provided passenger service to the far north. A fond farewell. The SS Denali ends the era of passenger service for the Alaska Steamship Company as she makes her final departure and sails away for the ... Read More »


SS UNITED STATES TO BE SCRAPPED. The SS United States Conservancy says the SS United States, may soon be scrapped. It says the ship’s current owners, Genting Hong Kong through its subsidiary, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), are currently collecting bids from scrappers. The SS United States was listed for sale in February, 2009. While NCL offered the Conservancy first right ... Read More »


Cruise History – Steamship History: FINNISH LAKE STEAMER SS TARJANNE Great YOUTUBE video of the Lake steamer Tarjanne Lake steamer Tarjanne was launched in May 1908 and still today sails the same route through Näsijärvi lake to the town of Virrat. Tarjanne Näsijärvi has served passengers and freight. Today, the ship operates on alternate days between the Tampere Näsijärvi Muroleen ... Read More »

Is the former Cunard Line QE 2 up for sale again?

Is the former Cunard Line Queen Elizabeth II (known as the QE 2) up for sale again? The QE2.  Will she end up as a hotel or sent to India to be scrapped?  As Dubai goes broke – we look at more steamship history. When Cunard began operating the Queen Mary 2, the venerable Queen Elizabeth II (known as the ... Read More »

Brief History of the Passenger Ship and Cruise Industry…

The earliest ocean-going vessels were not primarily concerned with passengers, but rather with the cargo that they could carry. Black Ball Line in New York, Advertisement in 1818, was the first shipping company to offer regularly scheduled service from the United States to England and to be concerned with the comfort of their passengers. By the 1830s steamships were introduced ... Read More »

SS United States sails to the West Indies during the 1960s.

Cruise Ship History and Cruising The Past. More steamship history with a video cruise aboard the SS United States. In 1964, former SS United States purser Jim Green returned to the ship as a passenger for a West Indies cruise along with his beloved wife Frieda. Here, set to the music of the ship’s own orchestra, is a nostalgic journey ... Read More »


Cruising The Past – Cruise History – Steamship History. We present a new RMS TITANIC video from youtube. The video contains a lot of (very old) pictures on Titanic, and even two short (original) films. It also contains pictures from the famous movie “Titanic” with Kate and Leonardo as actors. It’s a monochrome film. Read More »