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Cruising The Now: DISNEY MAGIC – Cruise Ship Review – Walt Disney was an avid cruiser.

Walt Disney, an avid cruiser, sailed with his family in the 1950s aboard the SS Lurline.  The video shows sailing day from Honolulu in the 50s – Disney and his family would have experienced this event. It was magical. Today, Walt would be sailing aboard Disney Cruises and the Disney ... Read More »


The Flagship of America is in need of help…your help…and a vision to restore her. Please help save the SS United States! Cruise ship history: 22-year-old SS UNITED STATES Conservancy supporter Jonathan Doucette has crafted a sixty-second online commercial spot promoting the cause of saving our nation’s flagship.   A fierce ... Read More »

SS United States sails to the West Indies during the 1960s.

Cruise Ship History and Cruising The Past. More steamship history with a video cruise aboard the SS United States. In 1964, former SS United States purser Jim Green returned to the ship as a passenger for a West Indies cruise along with his beloved wife Frieda. Here, set to the ... Read More »

Just a long weekend away – Aboard the SS United States or SS America

Cruising the past.  Just a long weekend away – Aboard the SS United States or SS America – During the heyday of trans-Atlantic travel in the 1950s – before the Jet made “getting there” what it is today!   A living nightmare. Read More »

Cruise History – Remembering Katharine Hepburn aboard Holland America Line’s great trans-Atlantic liner SS NIEUW AMSTERDAM. A “queen” of Art Deco design and style.

A wonderful Dutch film/video on the great liner. Throughout the 1930s a remarkable period of growth was experienced by the merchant fleets of many nations. This growth occurred in spite of a depression that put a strangle-hold on the world-wide economy. Our thanks to Reuben Goossens, 47 years in the ... Read More »

SS UNITED STATES is up for sale and could end up as scrap metal. Will the QE 2 be next?

The great ocean liner SS United States docked next to Ikea in Philadelphia has been put up for sale. A preservation group for the mothballed ocean liner fears a buyer could end up using it as scrap metal.  Steven Ujifusa, who was a volunteer production assistant for the above video, ... Read More »

SS UNITED STATES: FIRST LADY OF THE SEA! Celebrating the inauguration of President Obama with a great video about a ship symbolyzing the USA.

This great video uses archival footage and a rare 78rpm recording of the SS United States theme song to highlight the glory days of this fabled ship. The song, “First Lady of the Sea,” was written by brothers Meyer & Emery Davis, who also conducted the ship’s orchestra, and is ... Read More »

Cruise: Visiting Europe on an American Ship – Advertisement from the United States Lines in the 1920s.

An advertisement tempting Americans Europe-ward, in the 1920s. The SS United States: ultra-fast in the 1950s and 1960s — but just too late.   “Crossing the Pond” by liner was killed by the Jet. Read More »

Cruise Ship History – The SS United States. The fastest liner ever built. Video of celebrities and presidents. From Harry S. Truman to Elizabeth Taylor sailing aboard the great liner.

Great youTube video on the SS United States from past to present.  The SS United States. Read More »

CRUISE HISTORY – THE NEW YEAR IS CELEBRATED ABOARD THE S.S. UNITED STATES DURING THE 1960s – Military and diplomatic families traveled first class.

The S.S. United States. “The S.S. “United States”” by Paul McGehee. The famous liner, known as the “Big Ship” departs her United States Lines pier in New York’s Hudson River for a transatlantic run in 1963. The “United States” was THE liner to be on, and be seen on…luminaries from ... Read More »