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Cruising the past: The SS Europa was the pride of Norddeutscher Lloyd Line in the 1930s. She was the sister ship of the SS Bremen. Sadly the Second World War caused an end to her years in German hands and she was handed to the French as war reparations. As ... Read More »

Airlines History – The Stewardess – During the 1960s – The period of the AMC award winning MAD MEN TV Series

Airline History – The Stewardess – MAD MEN: Set in 1960s New York, the sexy, stylized and provocative AMC drama Mad Men follows the lives of the ruthlessly competitive men and women of Madison Avenue advertising, an ego-driven world where key players make an art of the sell. Stewardesses play ... Read More »

When it comes to the Swine Flu pandemic here is a great Princess Cruise Lines ad proving the point tourists should stick to ships and avoid jets.

Princess Cruises excellent and rather cynical television ad (click on arrow) reminds everyone what we already know about the horrors of air travel as compared to sailing aboard a ship. The Pullman Company use to have the greatest safety record and so did such venerable companies such as the Santa ... Read More »

Legendary Sloppy Joe’s and a Video featuring Old Havana, Cuba – during the 1930s.

A tour of the city of Havana, Cuba in the 1930s.  The travelogue was filmed by Andre de la Varre.  Wonderful shots of the capital and outlying visits to the island.  Including arrival and departure by cruise ship from New York. And scenes of Sloppy Joe’s. Cruising The Past: Sloppy ... Read More »

RMS Queen Mary Newsreel – 1936 – The song heard is Horatio Nicholls’ “Queen of the Sea”!

Cruise history: RMS Queen Mary Newsreel – 1936 – The song heard is Horatio Nicholls’ “Queen of the Sea”! The RMS Queen Mary was a Cunard Line (then Cunard White Star Line) ocean liner that sailed the North Atlantic Ocean from 1936 to 1967. She was designed to be Britain’s ... Read More »

P&O Liners – San Francisco Bay – 1960s

1960s – Photo from Cruise History – San Francisco, California – P&O liners SS CANBERRA (docked at the Matson Line pier) and the SS ARCADIA (in background) sailing away. Read More »

SS Catalina and SS Avalon sail to Catalina Island

1950s RETRO: THE BIG WHITE CRUISE SHIP SAILS AGAIN TO CATALINA ISLAND! from CRUISINGTHEPAST.COM on Vimeo. Cruising The Past present our own video on the SS Catalina and SS Avalon. These are the big white cruise ships that once sailed from Los Angeles to Catalina Island. Sail away – as ... Read More »

The Legendary Super Chief, Flagship Of The Santa Fe – Train of the Stars!

Cruising The Past welcomes you aboard the legendary Santa Fe Super Chief – the train of the stars.  Extra Fare – All Pullman Streamliner. She came on the Super Chief. One reason that the Santa Fe became such a famous railroad was because of its flagship passenger train, the Super ... Read More »

Video cruise history of the French Line’s SS Normandie.

Video cruise history of the French Line’s fabulous liner SS Normandie. SS Normandie was a French ocean liner built in Saint-Nazaire, France, for the French Line Compagnie Générale Transatlantique. When launched in 1932 she was the largest and fastest ship in the world, and she maintains the distinction of being ... Read More »

Cruise Ship History: Our Retro 1950s Cruise Video – SS CATALINA sails again to Avalon – The Great White Ship was scrapped last month in Mexico after a valiant effort to save her.

A nostalgic look at the SS CATALINA and SS AVALON. They were called the BIG WHITE STEAMERS. These day tourist steamships operated together from 1920 into the early 1950s — except for WW 2. The SS CATALINA continued running into the mid-1970s. They provided daily service throughout the summer from ... Read More »