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Sophisticated New Yorker cartoons on cruising.

Cruise history presents a collection of 1960 cartoons from the New Yorker commenting on Caribbean cruises.

We have also included a list of some of the dumbest questions asked by passengers on cruise ships today.

The Questions:

  • Will the ship return to sea level when we dock?
  • Does the crew sleep on-board?
  • What time is the midnight buffet?
  • Which elevator takes me to the front of the ship?
  • Who is steering the ship when the captain is in the dining room?
  • Is this island totally surrounded by water?
  • How long is the one-day pass good for?
  • What language do they speak in Alaska?
  • What do you do with the ice carvings after they melt?
  • How do we know which of these pictures are ours?
  • The Cartoons:

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