Video – Elsa Maxwell: the greatest celebrity of all-time…

Pianist, gossip columnist, TV star, and above all a giver of great parties, Elsa Maxwell was famous for being herself. She was most likely far more interesting than the celebrities she covered. Elsa Maxwell first worked as a theatre pianist after leaving school at the age of 14 and before ... Read More »

The true story behind Plymouth’s role in the RMS Titanic disaster

Plymouth,England, Titanic,RMS Titanic, crew members, survivors, cruising the past, Michael l grace

Two weeks after the ship sank some of the survivors, who were all crew, were taken to Plymouth, England. Playing its part in many historical events – from The Mayflower setting sail for North America to the World War Two bombings, Plymouth also had a role in safely transporting the ... Read More »

Enjoy watching a 1929 home movie onboard the SS Nantucket cruising from Florida to Savannah!

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RED CARPET treatment started with the 20TH CENTURY LIMITED

20th Century Limited, New York Central, Red Carpet, Marshall Field, Bing Crosby,  Robert R. McCormick, Bob Hope, Bette Davis,  Doris Day, Wrigleys, Henry Dreyfuss Art Deco, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Beatrice Lilly, Carole Lombard,  John Barrymore, Alfred Hitchcock, North by Northwest,  all-Pullman, streamliner, MICHAEL L GRACE, CRUISING THE PAST

Have you wondered where the much-overused phrase “the red carpet treatment” originated? It all started with the 20th Century Limited. The train of tycoons and movie stars. The “Century” was an express all-Pullman passenger train operated by the New York Central nightly from New York to Chicago. From 1938 until the ... Read More »

The Italian Line’s S.S. REX and Cary Grant’s S.S. REX…

Rex, Cary Grant, Gambling Ship, Los Angeles, Cruising The Past, Michael L Grace

Besides the fabulous Italian ocean liner S.S. REX launched in 1931, there was another S.S. REX. The gambling ship off the coast of California in the 1930s and 1940s. The far lesser (but profitable)REX was operated as a gambling ship off Los Angeles by Anthony Cornero. Gary Grant made a ... Read More »

THE SS MANHATTAN… created the “Manhattan” cocktail… right out of Prohibition…

SS Manhattan, United States Line, Liners, Steamships, Cruising The Past, Michael L. Grace, Augustus Grace

At the time of their construction, the Manhattan and her sister ship, Washington, also built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, were the largest liners ever built in the United States, and Manhattan was the first large liner built in the US since 1905. The Manhattan and Washington were two of ... Read More »

Labor Day Cruises from New York in 1933 aboard famous trans-Atlantic Liners.

Cunard, RMS Aquitania, Anchor Line, SS Transylvania, SS Caledonia, M. V. Georgic, SS President Johnson, RMS Monarch of Bermuda, RMS Queen of Bermuda, French Line, SS Paris, cruising the past, cruise history, cruise lines, michael l grace, augustus grace

There were a large variety of cruises out of New York in 1933 celebrating the Labor Day weekend. They were designed to fit every kind of pocketbook, bulging or slim. They were aboard grand liners. CUNARD LINE The Cunarder RMS Aquitania offered a week-end to Nova Scotia, leaving New York ... Read More »

The Panama Limited – All-Pullman Chicago and New Orleans

Panama Limited, Illinois Central, Michael L. Grace, Cruising The Past, Pullman, Trains, All-Pullman, Famous trains

The Panama Limited was a first class passenger train operated by the Illinois Central Railroad between Chicago, Illinois and New Orleans, Louisiana. It operated from 1911 to 1971. Offering the best in American railway deluxe services. The Panama Limited took its name from the Panama Canal, then under construction and ... Read More »

The USS WILLIAMSBURG… President Harry Truman’s presidential yacht…

Harry S. Truman, Yacht

The steel-hulled, diesel-powered yacht Aras was laid down on March 19, 1930, by the Bath Iron Works; launched on December 8, 1930; and delivered to wood-pulp magnate Hugh J. Chisholm on January 15, 1931. The Aras, a long graceful steel ship, was sold in April 1941 to the US Navy ... Read More »

Matson Lines to Hawaii and the South Pacific during the early 1960s…

Matson Lines, Hawaii, Lurline, Mariposa, Monterey, Matsonia, Malolo,

Imagine you’re planning a cruise to the South Pacific during the 1960s. Last Ocean Liners provides all the information of scheduling your trip along with the cost. A great way to cruise the past. MARIPOSA and MONTEREY Matson Line’s Mariposa and Monterey carried only First class guests and promised regal ... Read More »

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