Nazi TITANIC Movie 80th Anniversary WW 2 epic never released in Germany

The strange tale of the banned Nazi World War II epic Titanic. Before James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic, the Hollywood Titanic of 1953, the 1958 British film A Night to Remember, and the 1997 Broadway musical Titanic – there was the Nazi German film RMS Titanic. Excellent video on making of ... Read More »

‘Sound of Freedom’ Beats ‘Indiana Jones’ in Incredible Box-Office Coup

Action movie Sound of Freedom has defied expectations at the Box Office and beaten Harrison Ford‘s swansong, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. The movie centers around the real-life story of the founder of the anti-sex trafficking charity Operation Underground Railroad, Tim Ballard. It’s seen as a surprise that ... Read More »

Titanic sub incident – OceanGate suspends operations after Titan submersible implosion

Nearly three weeks after its submersible vessel Titan imploded, killing all five people on board, OceanGate is suspending all exploration and commercial operations. The organization posted on its website on Thursday that it would no longer be sending individuals down to the wreckage of the Titanic, or elsewhere. OceanGate declined ... Read More »

4th of July – Celebrating Independence Day At Sea

National holidays were celebrated onboard liners and cruise ships with special events and elaborate menus. From Russian Caviar to Filet Mignon to Ice Cup, Independence Gourmandizes. The menus are classics in cuisine prepared onboard and not the fresh frozen cruise meals aboard today’s cruise liners. Here are a number of ... Read More »

RMS Titanic Historic Photos

Almost everyone knows about the tragic story about the sinking of the world’s largest “unsinkable” ship. The legend of the RMS Titanic has lived on in the movies, books, television, and of course, James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film. The facts and history of the Titanic also live on in photos ... Read More »

Can Florida’s Brightline High-Speed Rail reverse California’s fiasco attempt at bullet trains?

LOS ANGELES — Getting to Las Vegas from Los Angeles has always been problematic. Flying is fast but expensive. Driving is cheap but slow. In just a few years, however, there will be another option: a train that will whisk visitors across California and into Nevada in half as long ... Read More »

Retro: City of Las Vegas Streamliner connected Los Angeles and Las Vegas

The City of Las Vegas was a streamlined passenger train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad between Las Vegas, Nevada, and Los Angeles, California from 1956 until 1968. It operated from 1956 to 1968. It was one of several trains to operate with the experimental General Motors Aerotrain, although this experiment was ... Read More »

Vacant skyscrapers, hotels and empty trains plus drugs and homeless nightmare: can San Francisco be saved?

The economic challenges of the city’s downtown since the BLM riots in 2020 have sparked speculation of a so-called ‘doom loop’. It’s happened. Once a major tourist center, San Francisco hotels, from five star to no star, are offering up to 60% discount. The operator of the gondola that services ... Read More »

Jeffrey Epstein threatened to expose Bill Gates’ alleged affair with teenage bridge player

Jeffrey Epstein threatened to expose an affair Bill Gates allegedly had with a Russian bridge player after the Microsoft co-founder declined to join his philanthropic venture, according to a report on Sunday. The disgraced pedophile, who killed himself in 2019, appeared to threaten Gates over the alleged affair with Russian ... Read More »

JUDY GARLAND comeback in A STAR IS BORN at Hollywood’s greatest premiere!

More than a 250 stars attended the September 1954 Pantages Theatre gala premiere. Many predicting an Oscar sweep for the films with top acting awards going to Judy Garland and James Mason. More than 20,000 fans were spectators at the Pantages premiere demanding Warner Bros and the Los Angeles Police Department to organize ... Read More »

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