Cruise expert Michael L Grace explains how cruising began. The earliest ocean-going vessels were not primarily concerned with passengers, but rather with the cargo that they could carry. Black Ball Line in New York,?in 1818, was the first shipping company to offer regularly scheduled service from the United States to ... Read More »

The Tragic SS MORRO CASTLE – Fire at Sea – 200 Die on Cuba Cruise!

Onboard the Ward Line’s SS MORRO CASTLE, in the early morning hours of September 7, 1934, a deadly fire erupted in two places on the cruise/liner en route from Havana Cuba to New York City. After wonderful days at sea and a wonderful time in Havana, the cruise turned into ... Read More »

CRUISING from Baltimore to Savannah on the SS NANTUCKET

Known as the “Queen of Sea,” the Merchants and Miners Transportation Company Steamship Line operated one of the finest fleets of passenger steamers on the Atlantic Coast and ranked foremost as one of America’s top tourist routes. It was said to be the only line plying between Baltimore, Savannah, and ... Read More »

America’s Greatest Liner – SS UNITED STATES – The Last Great Race

Larry Driscoll’s book “The Last Great Race”  fascination with ships started as a 7-year-old, when he, his mother and two siblings boarded the S.S. America to cross the Atlantic to join his father in Paris, who worked for the Voice of America. Driscoll recalls how the ship — in the ... Read More »

Airline Review – JOSH CAHILL’s ultra first class experience on EMIRATES!

We are now featuring selected travel bloggers regularly to provide reviews of transportation services (airlines, rail, and cruises) and visiting worldwide destinations.  JOSH CAHILL is a travel expert and adventurist with a passion for airplanes. He founded the award-winning blog Go Travel Your Way, becoming one of the first bloggers ... Read More »

California’s SP Streamliner COAST DAYLIGHT train was world famous!

The Southern Pacific’s Streamliner Coast Daylight was the West’s finest train in the 1940s, 50s, and early 1960s. It hugged the Pacific Ocean with great views. Linking Los Angeles and San Francisco on a glorious daylight trip, streaking along the edge of the Pacific Ocean for more than a hundred ... Read More »

RMS TITANIC: FIVE BIG Things James Cameron’s Movie GOT WRONG!

RMS TITANIC: 5 Things James Cameron’s Movie GOT WRONG! Some details in Titanic were married to fiction, but there’s no doubt the movie remains one of the best interpretations of the catastrophe ever made. The sinking of the RMS Titanic remains one of the worst disasters in maritime history, and ... Read More »

UBER and LYFT survives AB 5 while DEMOCRATS turn on California Freelancers!

Lyft had announced Thursday they were suspending all California services because of Democrat Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez’s law aimed at independent contractors and freelancers. Uber was expected to follow, but at the last moment, the California appeals court stepped in and temporarily defused the situation caused by a law AB ... Read More »

San Francisco’s Ambitious & Magnificent SUTRO BATHS

San Francisco’s Adolph Sutro, the self-made millionaire who designed Sutro Heights and later the second Cliff House, developed the amazing Sutro Baths in 1894.  The baths became a major attraction for the entire Bay Area, from San Jose to San Raphael. He constructed an ocean pool aquarium among the rocks ... Read More »

NEWS: New TITANIC BOARD GAME has docked at Walmart and Target!

The new RMS TITANIC game is based on James Cameron’s massively successful 1997 movie Titanic, catapulting its stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet into Hollywood super-stardom. Spin Master Games has used the 1997 movie Titanic for its inspiration for the game, pulling the characters that Cameron used in the movie ... Read More »