RMS Titanic – Books Passengers Were Reading On The Doomed Voyage

As the RMS Titanic was sinking beneath the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, and survivors were thrashing about in the iceberg-clotted waters, what books might they have turned to with which to fashion a homemade life preserver or, in the case of some sturdy Theodore ... Read More »

Old Bay Line Night Boats between Baltimore, Washington DC and Norfolk!

On April 13, 1962, America’s last night boat service ended as the Old Bay Line’s steamers made their final voyages on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, ending service between Baltimore and Norfolk. Known officially as the Baltimore Steam Packet Company, which had come to be known as the Old ... Read More »

Psycho Star JANET LEIGH on the SUPER CHIEF – Train of the Stars!

Star of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, Janet Leigh, is ready to board the famous SUPER CHIEF, and Virginia Leith, star of A KISS BEFORE DYING, shows us the all-Pullman train during the 1950s in a promotional film. Even the characters from TV’s MAD MEN may have been aboard the train throughout ... Read More »

Dinner in the Diner Onboard America’s Great Trains featuring the Super Chief

In 1868, George M. Pullman, who had won fame as a sleeping car builder, introduced the first dining car… The hotel-style car had a kitchen—the first passenger car designed exclusively for cooking and serving meals. THE 20th CENTURY LIMITED  FROM DOME DINERS to PRIVATE ROOMS The dome dining car in ... Read More »

President John F Kennedy Onboard RMS Queen Mary Crossing the Pond

The floating palace for the rich and famous: Vintage photos reveal glamor on board the Queen Mary during her maiden voyage. First Class Dining Room RMS Queen Mary left Southampton on M en route to New York, the first of many transatlantic crossings. Elizabeth Taylor walking her dogs.  She hosted the wealthy ... Read More »

Pearl Harbor Bombed Matson Liner SS Lurline heads for San Francisco

Matson Lines SS Lurline was halfway from Honolulu to San Francisco on December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The liner arrived safely in San Francisco with passengers from California and the USA on December 11th. The liner arrived safely in San Francisco with passengers from California and ... Read More »

Dining at Chasen’s with Sal Mineo, Groucho Marx and Ramon Novarro in West Hollywood

West Hollywood’s Chasen’s was a glamorous world – “Celebrity chefs” will never replace stylish hosts and personalities like Dave Chasen, Vincent Sardi or Mike Romanoff. I had dinner at Chasen’s many times. First, with my parents and then later on when I became a writer/producer. Dinner with Groucho Marx, who ... Read More »

THE RICHEST GIRL IN THE WORLD – Heiress Barbara Hutton crossing the pond aboard the RMS QUEEN MARY

Decades before Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton became famous for being rich girls with sex tapes, no class, and the height of 21st Century vulgarity – the original out-of-control Hollywood heiress-celebrity was Barbara Hutton. Hutton came from money on both sides of the family tree. Her maternal grandfather was Frank ... Read More »

Ghastly Murder Onboard a Cruise to South Africa

Murder, suspicious deaths and disappearing at sea aboard liners from Cunard to Union-Castle have made cruise history.   The romantic decks of “The Love Boat” can be a very dangerous place. As for cruising the past, history finds there were two or three murders supposedly linked to Cunard Line’s RMS Queen ... Read More »

SOS Ship to Shore – Now and the Past

When you are sailing on a cruise ship, how to communicate with other passengers onboard. Watch the video: WATCH the video and see how to stay in-touch with traveling companions along with friends, family and business associates onshore. Why take a look at the video? Because it will give free ... Read More »

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