Our video featuring a 1954 Cruise to Alaska the SS ALASKA – When cruise ships to the Inland Passage were smaller, intimate and far more environmentally friendly and under the American flag. They weren’t floating Vegas condos.

1954 ALASKA CRUISE from CRUISINGTHEPAST.COM on Vimeo. Cruise History: Our video featuring a 1954 Cruise to Alaska the SS ALASKA – When cruise ships to the Inland Passage were smaller, intimate and far more environmentally friendly and under the American flag.  They weren’t floating Vegas condos. Views of the ship ... Read More »


Youtube video on the Union Castle Lines from the early 1960s… The Union-Castle Line was a prominent shipping line that operated a fleet of passenger liners and freighters between Europe and Africa from 1900 to 1977. The company originated as Union-Castle Mail Steamship Company, Ltd on 8 March 1900 with ... Read More »

Social History: HOTEL ADLON Kempinski – the finest hotel in BERLIN. One of the great hotels of the world. Berlin was a port of call by train in 1929 — after sailing from New York to Germany aboard the SS BREMEN.

great youTUBE video of Berlin in 1929 with views for the Hotel Adlon… Sailing in the 1920s to Germany from New York on the SS Bremen was very popular.  Upon arrival, tourists enjoyed a quick train ride from Hamburg to Berlin and then accommodations at the world famous Adlon Hotel ... Read More »

Empire Builder to Milwaukee. From Streamliners to Amtrak.

Youtube video on the change from private rail service to Amtrak. Privately run intercity passenger service in Milwaukee was a thing of the past by early 1971. The Federal government had formed Amtrak to remove the burden of passenger service from the railroads and insure that core passenger routes remained ... Read More »

Cruise Ship History – A new TITANIC Controversy about the “unsinkable” ship – Did passive good manners kill “polite” British passengers while “pushy” Americans survived aboard the doomed (Cunard) White Star Liner?

A new TITANIC controversy.  Did passive good manners kill “polite” British passengers while “pushy” Americans, who don’t know from standing in lines (or queues), survive aboard the doomed (Cunard) White Star Liner RMS TITANIC? You can judge for your self.  A new Titanic controversy is a brewing.  Here are two ... Read More »

Cruise History: A VOYAGE BACK IN TIME…

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Cruise History: The SS ANDREA DORIA – Tribute to a great Italian Line ship and its tragic end.

Great video showing the wonderful Italian Liner SS Andrea Doria from her golden years to her tragic sinking. The fabulous SS Andrea Doria — we tribute the great Italian Line and their wonderful ship. We also salute all those loyal cruise passengers who have continued to travel over the years. ... Read More »

SS UNITED STATES: FIRST LADY OF THE SEA! Celebrating the inauguration of President Obama with a great video about a ship symbolyzing the USA.

This great video uses archival footage and a rare 78rpm recording of the SS United States theme song to highlight the glory days of this fabled ship. The song, “First Lady of the Sea,” was written by brothers Meyer & Emery Davis, who also conducted the ship’s orchestra, and is ... Read More »

President Barak Obama’s election is partly due to the thousands of Pullman Porters who organized a union 84 years ago under the leadership of A. Philip Randolph.

President Barak Obama’s election as the first African-American in the White House happened because of the struggle for unionization by A. Philip Randolph and the members of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters. Randolph and the porters worked together to fight many battles and they won many victories for African-American ... Read More »


President-Elect Barack Obama’s arrival in Washington Union Station today was aboard the GEORGIA 300 – a 1930s Pullman manufactured private railway car attached to the rear of the streamlined Amtrak train carrying him from Philadelphia and Baltimore. This was not Obama’s first use of the private car GEORGIA 300 – ... Read More »

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