Passenger Liners and Great Warriors – Lost Ships – Ghosts of the past…

Cruise and Liner History: Passenger Liners and Great Warriors – Lost Ships – Ghosts of the past… Three great videos telling the story of ships such as the Titanic and countless others – Lost at sea… Read More »

GRETA GARBO sails for New York from Sweden in 1929…

Rare candid moment of Greta Garbo’s departure from Sweden in 1929 aboard the Swedish American Line’s MS GRIPSHOLM. Greta Garbo made her first voyage to the USA on the Drottningholm in 1925. The video of her departure from Gothenburg in this clip, after a brief visit to Sweden. For the ... Read More »

CHASEN’S – Dave Chasen’s legendary Hollywood restaurant to the stars didn’t allow credit cards or “celebrity chefs”!

Ava Gardner and Mark Evans depart from Chasen’s – a far cry from Dave’s first restaurant, which featured only chile and spareribs. Vincent Minnelli and Judy Garland, with the Oscar Levants.    Mrs. Levant looks at Mrs. Minnelli…  No credit card? American Social History:  CHASEN’S – the famous Hollywood restaurant ... Read More »

Sailing aboard the SS United States in the 1960s…

Sailing aboard the SS United States in the 1960s… wonderful home movies.  Ocean Liner History in color. Cruise Line History – Sailing aboard the SS United States from Bremerhaven to New York in 1965. Embark with young Josiah Mullikin as he travels from Southampton to New York aboard the storied ... Read More »


Liner and Cruise Ship History – CELEBRITIES SAIL AWAY aboard the great liners – DUKE AND DUCHESS OF WINDSOR, KATHERINE HEPBURN, CARY GRANT, GRACE KELLY, SPENCER TRACY, JOHN GILBERT, JOAN CRAWFORD, JAMES MASON… Up until the 1960s, many celebrities, executives, tourists, etc., still sailed by passenger ship.  Here are publicity ... Read More »

The fabulous HINDENBURG…

Cruising the Past: The Hindenburg. Color video of the great airship. Memories of the fastest way to “cross the pond” during the 1930s.  2 and 1/2 days!  And the most expensive way to go! The Airship Hindenburg was the last great passenger zeppelin. 1937 Video of the Zeppelin Hindenburg – ... Read More »

Video on the tragic sinking of the RMS VESTRIS (1928)

Cruise and Liner History: Video on the tragic sinking of the RMS VESTRIS (1928) … The RMS Vestris was a passenger and cargo liner built by Workman Clarke & Co. Ltd. of Belfast, Ireland, for the Lamport & Holt Line. She weighed 10,660 gross tons, had twin screw propulsion, a ... Read More »


The new TV Series PAN AM takes you back to a time when flying was fun, and not like the nightmare one experiences today. PAN AM – WHEN FLYING WAS FIRST CLASS From the 1920’s until its demise in 1991, Pan American Airlines symbolized all that was luxurious in air ... Read More »

The Last Surviving Ocean Liners…

Cruise History: A wonderful video of THE LAST SURVIVING OCEAN LINERS… There are currently 35 surviving classic ocean liners and cruise ships in the world. Click here for more information and a complete history on these great surviving ships. Read More »


The SS EXODUS… former SS PRESIDENT WARFIELD… night boat of the “honeymoon fleet” CRUISE SHIP HISTORY: OLD BAY LINE – NIGHT BOAT PRESIDENT WARFIELD BECAME THE FAMOUS SS EXODUS. The SS President Warfield was named after the Old Bay Line’s president.  Warfield’s niece was Bessie Wallis Warfield (June 19, 1896 ... Read More »

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