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New DOWNTON ABBEY – PBS 2013 – is disappointing.

New DOWNTON ABBEY is disappointing.  Shirley MacLaine wore jazz shoes and a frozen expression – Yankee ham acting at its worst.  Has Botox come to Downton?  American aging star flops in comparison to first class British performances.

(Left: Dame Maggie Smith looks at Shirley MacLaine and wonders if she is a survivor off last year’s dreadful Titanic – Jullian Fellowes sinking ocean soap opera.)


We’ve reached spring 1920 and the will-they-won’t-they story that’s been going on between Matthew and Mary for two whole series looks like it may finally reach a conclusion. Remember, he proposed in the snow in the last one?

Now that they’re in the church practicing for the big day, it seems they really will. But there is still this whole extended episode that’s bound to throw up obstacles. I’m hoping that Turkish fellow may show up again and re-seduce Lady Mary with his eastern promise … He’s dead? Oh yes. Well, it is a soap opera – stranger things have happened.

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