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Mid-Century Design Matson Line Office Los Angeles

Mid-Century Design Matson Line Office Los Angeles

Raymond Lowey’s basic design philosophy was behind the creation of the interiors for Matson’s luxury liner Lurline and modern ticket office in downtown Los Angeles.

  • These were the ultimate in mid-century design for California’s famous steamship line.
Raymond Lowey, Matson Lines

Matson Line’s ultra-modern ticket office in downtown Los Angeles.

  • Raymond Loewy, whose modern concept of everything from fountain pens to airplanes, ships, and railroad trains won him the title of America’s foremost industrial designer.
Lurline, Matson Lines

Aboard the Lurline.

  • “We translated the relaxed gay atmosphere of Hawaii into the ship’s design so that a passenger’s island vacation begins the minute he steps aboard the Lurline,” Loewy said as he arrived in Los Angeles on the famous liner.

  • “We did not attempt to follow traditional lines, or any particular period instead we evolved a liveable, liveable, modern style that exemplifies contemporary American life and lends itself completely to, the colorful Polynesian decorative theme we adopted.

CW: Matson Line’s San Francisco HQ; Onboard the Lurline; Ticket agents in Honolulu.

  • Raymond Lowey said: “This combination of simplified modern design and exotic decor symbolizes the link the Lurline provides between California and Hawaii.”

  • Rebuilt at the cost of $18,000,000, the 26,000-ton Matson ship returned to service following World War 2 in 1948.

  • The interiors followed the Polynesian Polynesian motif, with murals, carvings, carvings, plaques, mosaics and prints by California artists.

CW: Sydney Matson Offices; Royal Hawaiian Band; Passengers onboard the Lurline leaving Honolulu; Captain receives Lei Aloha; SS Mariposa departing Honolulu.

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