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Looking back at PAN AM – History of Pan American World Airways…

Wonderful video – History of Pan American World Airways. Documentary telling the story of how Pan American World Airways kick-started the jet-age and shrank the globe. Real-life ‘Pan Am girls’ recall a high-life of luxury and glamor; rubbing shoulders with celebrity passengers, international romances and having to wear the now infamous girdle. Stars of the jet-age such as Robert Vaughn and Mary Quant remember the food, fashion and girls that made them regular Pan Am passengers.

A Pan Am video from 1958 to show there new 707 jet service. Pan Am’s success was largely due to its visionary founder Juan Trippe, who transformed a small mail carrier in to a global airline, pioneered flights for the masses and helped create the Boeing 747 jumbo jet. Honor Blackman narrates the story of how Pan Am conquered the skies and left a legacy of affordable travel and a much smaller world.  Beluga caviar and vintage champagne were served. Passengers dressed it was not like today’s cattle cars in the air.


Coffee and Cocktails: Pan Am First Class “lounge”, Boeing 707, early 1960’s. Lounge was located forward of first class.

coach lounge

Coach lounge on a 747 – early 1970s. The original 747s had first class and coach lounges. Some of the planes had piano bars.