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LOS ANGELES TIMES fails to report JOHN DURAN’S Tax Lien “legacy”! 
West Hollywood City Councilman John Duran.

LOS ANGELES TIMES fails to report JOHN DURAN’S Tax Lien “legacy”! 

John Duran, scandal-ridden West Hollywood Mayor, and current longtime City Council member have benefited from Los Angeles Times’ continuous support.

John Duran scandal-plagued career in action.

  • Coverage included a significant endorsement for Duran from the Times editorial board when he ran for Los Angeles County Supervisor in 2014.
  • The once-great major newspaper, in the editorial, covered up the fact that Duran was burdened with major financial problems and thousands of dollars in tax liens.

The Times failed to mention Duran’s tax lien problems and being investigated by the Los Angeles District Attorney for misuse of public funds.

In complimenting Duran on his “prudence,” defined as being careful, often with money, the Los Angeles Times failed to do a background check on the candidate.

  • If they had, they would have found Duran has more Federal and State tax liens than any other elected politician in U.S. history.
  • Duran has had nearly $400,000 in tax liens beginning in 1994 and continuing to the present.
  • A new tax lien was filed by the California Franchise Tax Board against him in November 2019 for $9,100.
  • He also currently has three more Federal Tax Liens on extensions into 2025 and 2026, totaling over $21,000.

John Duran – Tax Liens – Federal and State


  • John Duran’s “tax lien” history has been mentioned frequently in WEHOville, the excellent website covering news in West Hollywood whose editor was formerly with the New York Times.
  • Duran dismisses WEHOville as a blog and considers it not real news media like the Los Angeles Times, which has never mentioned Duran’s tax liens in their endless coverage of his recent scandals.
  • Duran’s sarcastic comment about blogs caught my attention because, along with The Daily Kos, we both prevailed in a landmark Federal Election Commission 2007 decision reaffirming American bloggers’ right to exercise their free speech rights.
  • Bloggers were now considered media like legacy print media and cable T.V. news networks.

FEC Media Coverage 2007 and a big win for bloggers!


  • The Los Angeles Times gave the story about 5 inches with a sarcastic anti-blog pitch. Thirteen years later, the Times is struggling to keep relevant.

How long will the Los Angeles Times last?


John Duran scandal-plagued career in action.