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Hotel Granduca – A 5 star hotel slips because of bad management!
The Granduca "Management!"

Hotel Granduca – A 5 star hotel slips because of bad management!

The best service at the Hotel Granduca is from the excellent Housekeeping Staff and the Valet Parking Services. Room Service waiters are excellent. Restaurant and bar are okay. As for the front desk… it’s a lottery…

  • Then there’s the owner!
  • Everytime you watch TV you are forced to watch Giorgio Borlenghi do his BORE-LENGHI spiel about this hotel before you can watch TV.
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The Granduca’s owner Giorgio Borlenghi is still doing his dreary pitch about his fabulous hotel every-time you watch TV which is housed in the room’s ancient Amore.

The Review…

  • I spent five nights at the hotel in June for a Thursday through Tuesday stay. It was not my first visit. After the hotel opened, I stayed there a couple of times and was impressed. But that was ten years ago. Things have changed. First let me say that the valet, bellmen and housekeeping staff are still excellent. Courteous and ready to accommodate all requests.
  • A colleague was back there last week and nothing has changed.

As for the front desk and concierge, it is inconsistent. I had a two-room suite and requested that it be quiet since I was working in the room during the day.

  • They put me on the top floor. On Friday there was banging above, and I learned that they were doing work on the roof. I asked about moving, and they said the hotel was fully booked. The same thing happened on Monday which meant that I met with business associates outside of the hotel because of the noise. When I did do work in the room on the weekend, I used the dining table as a desk since what is provided is a very small desk with a student lamp. Lighting in the suite is very dim which makes it difficult to do any reading.
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The look worked decades ago but it is very passé and clumsy. It reflects the out of touch decorator along with the owner’s tastes. Look at the size of the old-fashioned TV that features the endless diatribe of the megalomaniac owner.

The suite was cluttered with a lot of small pieces of furniture. Bedding was excellent, along with bathroom linens and toiletries which were five stars except for the bathtub which has a very high rim and is small, could fit a large child, which is used as a shower and an invitation to slip and fall accidents.

  • Dominating the living room was a relic of the turn of the century the television armoire. The Nintendo 64 and VCR were gone, but the mondo 36-inch RCA was still housed in the humongous tabernacle. The remote was dated, and the TV was positioned to be watched from the bedroom with binoculars. No large flat screen TVs.

Every time you turned on the TV you had to endure the pretentious pitch of Granduca hotel owner Giorgio Borlenghi going on about how great this hotel was until you could cut him off and find something to watch. There was also an old-fashioned clock radio in the bedroom that had had URL plugs that you could find using the flashlight from my cell phone.

There was an honor bar with no scotch. The hotel claims to be “International,” but it is strictly appealing to Texans who demand two kinds of bourbons. So if you order a scotch from room service, it is $40 a shot including tip. The help in the bar service was okay. No other staff topped the excellent service of the valet, bellmen and housekeeping personnel. You can stock the kitchen area which is convenient.

Jonathan Rosen, the Granduca UT whiz kid frat type manager who wants to learn the hotel business. He should ask the Housekeeper who should make him start cleaning toilets.

  • I asked to speak to a manager about my noisy room, but he never called me. Later on, the general manager (who was let go after my stay) said the manager had called which never happened.
  • I finally heard from a Jonathan Rosen, Vice President of Operations and current General Manager for the Granduca Hotel. He sent a rather dismissive email following the complaints I listed to the former general manager.

Rosen according to his Linkedin profile is a recent business major grad at UT Austin (2013). He expresses an “interest in hotel management” in his bio.

  • With Giorgio Borlenghi’s over the top sales pitch about the Granduca being a recreation of elegant Italian Hotels, he should be looking for executives from Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne to achieve the quality the hotel claims to offer.


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