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Home movies onboard the SS France

Home movies onboard the SS France

Sailing in the 1960s onboard the French Line’s SS FRANCE and SS LIBERTE round-trip from New York to Europe.

A fun home movie from sailing on the France and Liberte.

  • With the loss of the Normandie in New York Harbour in 1942, the Ile de France became the only French Line’s largest Trans-Atlantic liner.
  • The elegant German liner Europa, which had been captured by Allied troops towards the end of World War II, was awarded to the French Line as reparations. She was renamed her Liberte.
  • The Liberte kept the French line afloat throughout the 1950s.


SS France 

  • In the late 1950s, the French Line decided to replace both the aging the Ile de France and Liberte, both of which were taken out of service by 1960 with the new SS France.
  • The 66,348-ton SS France was to be the last French liner to be built for the Trans-Atlantic service.
  • She was launched on May 11, 1960.
  • She became the longest Trans-Atlantic liner at 1,035 ft, in addition, she was one of the most beautiful and graceful passenger liners ever built and the last of a long line of elegant French liners.
  • Her trails commenced on November 19, 1961, and departed on January 19, 1962, for her first voyage, being a cruise to the Canary Islands.
  • On February 3, 1962, she departed on her maiden Trans-Atlantic crossing from Le Havre to New York.

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