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Golden Age VIDEO look at CHRISTMAS onboard Ocean Liners

Golden Age VIDEO look at CHRISTMAS onboard Ocean Liners

Ocean liners were often called “cities at sea”, but how did these vast cities celebrate Christmas?

  • Part-Time Explorer answers the holiday question with his fascinating video. looking at Christmas past aboard ocean liners.
  • From Cunard Line to What about Hanukkah or New Years?
  • Check-out how they turned this steamships into warm and festive places for the often homesick holiday travelers.

Part-Time Explorer’s Video of Christmas on ocean liners of the past…

Christmas at sea… during the Golden Age of travel…

Cruising through Christmas: Vintage pictures reveal the glamour of the holiday season celebrated on the high seas in the 50s and 60s.


  • For those traveling during the holiday season, the Cunard Queen Mary ship is a festive home away from home.
  • Stewards and stewardesses of yesteryear were on hand to carefully decorate the many Christmas trees on board.
  • Santa Claus was also photographed making the rounds, complete with a large sack containing toys for passengers.
  • The good old days when the British were actually British.

To get yourself into the Christmas spirit, look no further than these Cunard photos of yesteryear.
In them, guests spending the holiday season on the Cunard cruise liners – namely, the Queen Mary – are treated to plenty of festive cheer.
Never mind that in some instances, lucky travelers are spending December 25 just off the coast of the Canary Islands, Santa Claus still paid passengers a visit. (Of course, he also brought his sack of toys.)

Throughout the ship, there are many Christmas trees to be found, which have been carefully decorated by Cunard stewards and stewardesses.
One of the most special traditions, and one that lives on to this day, is where children send Santa Claus their Christmas letters via a post box on board.
However, other traditions, such as playing a dining room-wide game of musical chairs seems to have fallen by the wayside.¬†These vintage photos from Cunard’s archives were taken throughout the 1950s and 1960s and are filled with glamour reflecting the golden age of travel.

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