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From the Telegram to iBahn

Above – a view from the past.  Telegrams, Telegraphs and Radiograms.  This is how you use to communicate from Europe.   Instead of excellent services like the Western Union Telegram you have no choice but to use a company called IBAHN when in Europe.  IBAHN has to be one of the great rip-offs of the 21st Century.  And its headquarters are located in So. Jordan, UTAH run by an aging Tech Nerd named David W. Garrison!  In other words – “IBAHN SUCKS!”

(Left – Garrison) The telegram use to be a reliable way of communicating from the great hotels, ocean liners and streamliners of the past.  Western Union was a decent company.  Like most great American institutions it is history.

Now, with the Internet, when abroad, one must use iBahn in most hotels.  The American run company located in Utah, hides behind a foreign name.  It provides slow service and costs over $35 a day.   Click below to see, if your forced to use IBahn aboard, the American sleezey company getting your very last dollar.

Ibahn at $35 plus a day.

This is an American iBhan user complaining about iBahn during his stay in London. The video is on youTUBE. He has no idea he’s being ripped off by some company located in South Jordan, Utah!

This is David W. Garrison – president and chief executive officer of iBahn (formerly STSN) – pitching the fee gouging iBahn service.  Some PR fim probably made this video for iBahn – the sad fact for Garrison is when you go to youTube less than 300 viewers have watched it.

Unfortunately iBAHN is the only global provider of digital entertainment and Internet solutions for the hospitality and meeting industries.  You have no choice but Ibahn’s third rate service.

Its sad that great American companies of the past like Western Union aren’t runing the Internet instead of someone like Mr. Garrison and the totally overpriced and incompetent iBahn!

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