Steven Spielberg’s LINCOLN: Abe is as Wooden as Washington’s Teeth – But Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a presidential performance, and Tommy Lee Jones steals the show

The film is like watching a blade of grass grow.

For all its good intentions and spurts of innovation, though, LINCOLN never really comes alive as living, breathing history. Instead, it too often plays like an audio reading of the Congressional Record, with some unwieldy domestic scenes tossed in for good measure.

Rather than the comprehensive biopic suggested by the title, Lincoln instead focuses on the 16th president’s final days in office, as he works hard to pass an amendment that would outlaw slavery and involuntary servitude. The film tracks every step of this process, showing how Lincoln (Daniel Day-Lewis) would use any means, some bordering on impeachable, to secure passage. Secretary of State William Seward (David Strathairn) works tirelessly on his behalf, playing devil’s advocate when necessary but always showing his support; also fighting for the cause is the garrulous Representative Thaddeus Stevens (Tommy Lee Jones, chewing the scenery almost as much as he did as Batman Forever’s Two-Face).

Daniel Day-Lewis as the Prez…

The Abraham Lincoln is the oldest operable passenger car in the United States.  It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. This car is named in honor of President Abraham Lincoln and should not be confused with the first private car in America, which was built for President Lincoln as a means to unite the nation after the civil war.

Click her for on the movie LINCOLN – from Rex Reed’s review at the NEW YORK OBSERVER…


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