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A great video of the most dangerous and extreme railways in the world!

A great video of the most dangerous and extreme railways in the world!

  • From the devilish mountain peaks, deep gorges to a temperamental bridge, these trains cross some of the world’s most spectacular and downright dangerous landscapes.
  • If you can handle hair-raising bends and gut-clenching drops, take a ride on the world’s most dangerous railways.
  • Here are the twelve famous dangerous railways featured on “The Most Dangerous Trains in the World” video which can be viewed at the bottom of the following photos.

  • Maeklong Railway, Thailand: This route passes through the congested Maeklong market in Thailand.

  • Nariz del Diablo (Devil’s Nose Train), Ecuador: Considered one of the most difficult train journeys, the railway passes through tight cliffs and climbs steep altitudes.

  • Pamban Bridge, India: Trains have to cross the Indian Ocean on this breathtaking 100-year-old sea bridge still operating.

  • Bangladesh Railways: Considered one of the most overcrowded railways in the world where roof riding is a common sight.

  • Burma Railway: Constructed during world War II using forced labor, Many workers (prisoners of war) died due to rough conditions thus earning the nickname “Death Railway”! Oscar-winning film “The Bridge on the River Kwai” was about building the railway.


  • Ferro Carril Central Andino, Peru: Second highest railway in the world runs through the Andes.

  • Indian Railways: World’s most busiest Railway, more than 25,000 people die annually on India’s railways.

  • White Pass & Yukon Route, Alaska: Built during the Klondike Gold Rush, this route boasts incredible scenery.

  • Gokteik Viaduct, Myanmar: Highest railway trestle in the world.

  • Pilatus Railway, Switzerland: This steepest cogway railway in the world offers incredible Sceneries.

  • Tren a las Nubes (Train in the Clouds), Argentina: The train Passes through many dangerous curves and high bridges.

  • Gelmerbahn Funicular, Switzerland: Almost feels like a roller-coaster ride!

THE VIDEO of these twelve great railways. 


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