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Cruise Ship Review: the Europa 2…

Cruise Ship Review: the Europa 2…

  • The ms Europa 2 is the newest ship in the Hamburg-based Hapag-Lloyd Cruises fleet—having entered service in May 2013.
  • The all-suite, all-balcony luxury ship holds a maximum of 516 passengers and 370 very dedicated bilingual crew-members.
  • When it entered service, the ship had the highest space per passenger ratio of all any ship sailing.
  • As the Europa 2 makes its way around the world, passengers can book a segment for as few as seven nights up to as many as nights they want—or can afford. This ship is not for those on a strict, limited budget.


The Europa 2 carries on the tradition of the great German liners of the past…

Great effort is being made to market Europa 2 to the English-speaking market: all onboard announcements and printed materials are in both English and German, and all crews are bilingual.

  • Due to its compact size the Europa 2 has the ability to call at smaller ports (as well as the large ones) that might be off the beaten sea lanes.
  • The ship offers eight dining venues—including three internationally themed restaurants: Italian, French and Asian—as well as the aft Yacht Club, which offers sumptuous buffets at breakfast and lunch.
  • There is also a very popular waffle stand adjacent to the pool, which can add a few calories to the trip.
  • However, the added pounds can always be burned off in the large, well-appointed gym and spa. A theater provides nightly entertainment featuring a roster of international performers.
  • A highly dedicated team helps passengers book custom excursions when the ship pulls into port.

Relaxed/casual is the vibe onboard. There are no black-tie dinners or toga nights. Men can wear nice pants and collared shirts to dinner, with perhaps a blazer. Women can wear casual chic outfits and feel completely comfortable.

Nord Deutsche Lloyd SS BREMEN and SS EUROPA, picture presentation of the most fabulous passenger liners Germany ever build. Great video on liners before WW 2. 

History of Hapag-Lloyd

Hapag-Lloyd AG was formed on September 1st, 1970, as a result of the merger of Hamburg-Amerikanische Packetfahrt-Actien-Gesellschaft (Hapag) and North German Lloyd (NDL). But the origins of these shipping lines go back much further: Hapag was founded in Hamburg in 1847 by local merchants and NDL in Bremen in 1857.

The lines initially carried mainly European emigrants eager to start a new life in America. The relationship between Hapag and NDL was for a long time something special, for while they were competitors, from the 19th century onwards they both repeatedly established joint ventures.

Under its Director-General Albert Ballin (1857-1918), who is also credited with having invented the cruise, Hapag rose to the top of the world shipping sector around the turn of the century in terms of tonnage, while NDL became the shipping line carrying the largest number of passengers.

Ballin focused at an early stage on cargo transport in addition to carrying passengers.

World War I caused the loss of their fleets and worldwide liner networks for both companies. During the 1920s, nevertheless, by cooperating with international partners they succeeded in rebuilding both very rapidly. After the strains of the world economic crisis had been endured, World War II once again led to the loss of ocean-going ships and market positions.

From 1950 Hapag and North German Lloyd’s re-entry into liner shipping was very largely in the form of jointly operated services. In 1970 Hapag and NDL decided to merge in response to the rapid growth of container transport that was compelling shipping lines to invest massively in new ships and containers.

In 2005, Hapag-Lloyd acquired the British-Canadian container line CP Ships, thereby becoming one of the leading liner shipping companies of the world.




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