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Color home movies aboard Home Line’s OCEANIC – “The largest ship built exclusively for cruising!”

Homeric had one of the first Balcony/Terrace Suites. Cruise History: By the mid 1960s, when jets had killed off all but the stragglers on the North Atlantic, Home Lines introduced the OCEANIC. Once it was late enough for people to have forgotten the initial intention for the ship to work as a two class liner between Italy and Canada in the summer and cruise as a one-class ship from New York for the remainder of the year, Home Lines proudly proclaimed that their 39,000 tonner was “the largest ship built exclusively for cruising.” Homeric Swimming Pools – 1960s. Homeric docked in New York – 1960s . The Homerica was Home Line’s giant swan song…the third and last ship ever built to the order of that enigmatic concern. Great You Tube color home movies of a cruise to Nassau, the Bahamas, aboard the Oceanic, accompanied by the ship’s band performing her theme song! Whatever and whoever was behind Home Lines…and some damn impressive names in the shipping business lent their talents and cash to the concern in its four decades of existence. Home Lines built on the finest Viennese, Triestine and Genoese traditions of hotel service at sea to transform itself over the years from a carrier of displaced persons and migrants in the middle and late 1940s to a solid middle class carrier by the 1950s. Scenes from cruise aboard Homeric in the 1960s. Leaving the race for the creme de la creme on the Mediterranean to New York run to Italian Line and American Export Lines, Home Lines settled in to occupy a solid niche in the middle, carrying hordes of tourists back and forth across the Atlantic. They also perfected the concept of the one week all-inclusive cruise from a North American port. The Oceanic is still active and is in remarkably good condition. We feel that there is potential to explore the possibility of her continuing cruising beyond 2010. She would be a worthy candidate for acquisition by a cruise line with a love for history and classically styled ships. But if this is not possible then we feel that she has significant potential for preservation as a hotel, restaurant, museum and entertainment complex at an appropriate location.

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