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A 1929 home movie aboard a coastal liner cruising from Florida to Savannah on the SS NANTUCKET…

Known as the “Queen of Sea,” the Merchants and Miners Transportation Company Steamship Line operated one of the finest fleets of passenger steamers on the Atlantic Coast and ranked foremost as one of America’s top tourist routes. It was said to be the only line plying between Baltimore, Savannah, and ... Read More »

ELVIS IN HAWAII… sails aboard the SS Lurline and SS Matsonia… 1957…

There’s no question that Elvis Presley loved Hawaii. Whether it was to hold a concert, conduct a benefit, film a motion picture or just vacation with the family, Hawaii held a special place in his heart and the people of Hawaii loved him right back. Elvis first visited Hawaii in ... Read More »

THE SS MANHATTAN… created the “Manhattan” cocktail… right out of Prohibition…

At the time of their construction, the Manhattan and her sister ship, Washington, also built by New York Shipbuilding Corporation, were the largest liners ever built in the United States, and Manhattan was the first large liner built in the US since 1905. The Manhattan and Washington were two of ... Read More »

American Banner Lines 1957-1958

Arnold Bernstein chartered in the summer of 1948 a passenger ship the CONTINENTAL (ex ANCON of 1902) for four round voyages from New York to Plymouth and Antwerp. In 1950-1951 Arnold Bernstein was involved with the Incres Line and their ship the EUROPA (ex MONGOLIA of 1923). She spent two ... Read More »

Cruising in the 1950s and 1960s from England to Australia…

Great photos of passengers and officers aboard P&O and Orient Line ships sailing from England to Australia. Read More »

The Canadian Pacific liner RMS EMPRESS OF JAPAN had four different lives…

First as the trans-Pacific record holder liner, then serving during World War 2, followed by being renamed the Empress of Scotland on the trans-Atlantic run and then finally sailing under the German flag. It was ironic, the allied ship used during WW 2 to fight the Nazis, was sold to ... Read More »


JULY 2012 – Cruising The Past: Website Of The Month – THE WARD LINE The Ward Line is best remembered for the ill-fated Morro Castle of 1930. Andelson’s site not only explores the Morro Castle disaster but gives you a unique history of The Ward Line. Video of the Morro ... Read More »

Trans-Pacific Liner Memories – the NYK and OSK passenger ships – postcards from the heyday of Japan’s great trans-Pacific passenger fleet area between WWI and WWII.

Trans-Pacific Liner Memories – the NYK and OSK passenger ships – postcards from the heyday of Japan’s great trans-Pacific passenger fleet area between WWI and WWII. M/S Asama Maru (1929) and M/S Tatsutu Maru (1930) – NYK Line One of Japan’s proudest periods in passenger shipping was the 1929 building ... Read More »

The Nazi German film version of the RMS Titanic.

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The strange tale of the banned World War II epic on the most famous ship of all time. The Nazi German film version of the Titanic. Before James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster Titanic, the Hollywood Titanic of 1953, the 1958 British film A Night to Remember, and the 1997 Broadway musical ... Read More »

Cruise Ship History: 10 Day Ward Line Cruise from New York to Havana, Cuba – aboard the SS Morro Castle – $160 and up!

That $160 round-trip First Class fare was from New York to Havana in 1928. Today — you couldn’t cruise to Havana for $160 or a million dollars because the Bush Administration continues to boycott Cuba while aggressively supporting such communist governments as China. But this is not about politics… This ... Read More »