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Does Madonna know that two cruise ships were named after (Evita) Eva Peron?

The Argentine liners were called the T.S.S. EVITA and the T.S.S. EVA PERON. The “Eva Peron” liner/cruise-ships…  They were similar in design to the T.S.S. JUAN PERON. (Our thanks to Timetable Images for these great photos: The ships ran from Argentina (South America) to Europe and the USA.   Argentina was ... Read More »

Passage to INDIA…

British India Steam Navigation Company (“BI”) was formed in 1856 as the Calcutta and Burmah Steam Navigation Company. Great video that tells the BI story from the 1950s… The company had been formed out of Mackinnon, Mackenzie & Co, a trading partnership of the Scots William Mackinnon and Robert Mackenzie, ... Read More »

Immigrants to America on the SS IMPERATOR

Millions of Americans have made the United States the most multicultural nation in the world. From the time Ellis Island opened in upper New York harbor near the Statue of Liberty in 1892 to the time it closed in 1954, it served as the portal for the vast majority of ... Read More »

Furness Bermuda Line…

The “Millionaires” ships from New York to Bermuda… Entering Service in February 1933 the RMS Queen of Bermuda was one of two ships nicknamed “the Honeymoon Ships” and “the Millionaires Ships”… Her sister being the slightly older RMS Monarch of Bermuda. They were ordered by Furness Bermuda Line for a ... Read More »

From the SS FRANCE to the SS NORWAY…

Celebrity retro cruising aboard the legendary cruise/liner SS FRANCE from the 1960s to the 1970s. Glamor and elegance. No tank-tops please. From Cary Grant, Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol, Liz Taylor to Tennessee Williams. Many attempts were made to save the France by transforming it into a hotel or a casino… ... Read More »

History of Princess Cruises – 50th Anniversary of “The Love Boat” Cruise Line

The SS Princess Patricia was the first “Love Boat”! For those not old enough to recall the ABC-TV series, “The Love Boat” debuted in 1977 and lasted until 1986. The series showcased cruising to the mass market. It is safe to say that ‘The Love Boat” single handedly introduced the ... Read More »

Le Cirque aboard Holland-America Line…

Holland America Line added the famous Le Cirque restaurant as “An Evening at Le Cirque” featured in the Pinnacle Grill aboard its fleet of 15 ships. Additional enhancements to the program include screenings of the HBO documentary “Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven” on in-stateroom television, as well as the opportunity to ... Read More »

The Old Bay Line…

The last American overnight boats, from Baltimore (and Washington DC) to Norfolk, ended service in 1963… A wonderful historical video on the OLD BAY LINE… American history at its best… The famous refuge ship SS EXODUS was originally the “Honeymoon” Night Boat SS PRESIDENT WARFIELD… The President Warfield was named after ... Read More »


The extraordinary French ocean liner began her maiden voyage from Le Havre to New York on May 29, 1935. Acknowledged as the center of High Society on the North Atlantic, the Normandie was the grandest, most luxurious and artistic ocean liner ever built. A video history of the Legendary French ... Read More »


In 1868, George M. Pullman, who had won fame as a builder of sleeping cars, introduced the first dining car… The hotel style car was equipped with a kitchen—the first passenger car designed exclusively for cooking and serving meals. THE 20th CENTURY LIMITED  FROM DOME DINERS to PRIVATE ROOMS The ... Read More »