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Sinking of the Titanic and the Titan – coincidence?

Cruise History: The sinking of the actual RMS Titanic and the fictitious sinking of the Titan.  Was it coincidence? Art doesn’t just imitate life — sometimes it anticipates it. Fourteen years before the RMS Titanic was built, the American Morgan Robertson wrote a novel called Futility or The Wreck of ... Read More »

Looking at the SOUTHERN BELLE

Cruising the past looks at the streamliner SOUTHERN BELLE. American deluxe rail travel, 1920s to 1950s, unrivaled anywhere to the present, the epitome of style, in transport, which gave travel its sense of occasion, combined with the right degree of urgency and speed. One such train was the streamliner SOUTHERN ... Read More »

Great SHIPGEEK Video of the SS FRANCE

Cruising the past and cruise history.   This is a terrific SHIPGEEK video in memory of the glorious SS France, set to the song “France” by Jimmy Kennedy, performed by the Roger Wagner Chorale (written for the maiden voyage). The video is produced by SHIPGEEK. Please visit this wonderful website by ... Read More »

Passenger Lists: Bibles for shipboard travel of Yore!

Cunard Line Passenger Lists Cruise History: Passenger lists were the Bibles for shipboard travel.  Here is an excellent article from Cruise Travel Magazine by ship-expert Theodore W. Scull that discusses the subject in depth.  From French Line to Cunard to Matson – passenger lists were “bibles” aboard ship. Souvenir Passenger ... Read More »