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ADAM SCHIFF Derailed Murder Investigation Of Gemmel Moore’s Death In ED BUCK’s Meth Drug Den

ADAM SCHIFF Derailed Murder Investigation Of Gemmel Moore’s Death In ED BUCK’s Meth Drug Den

Ed Buck Democrat gay rights leader and money man, whose West Hollywood meth drug den was the scene of not one, but two overdose deaths of black men is finally locked up.

Why did it take so long?

Because of the elitist white male, California politicians who deliberately sabotaged and prolonged the investigation for over two years. A Los Angeles Federal Judge has set a tentative trial date of November 26th.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Learn how Congressman (D) Adam Schiff was behind the cover-up. Watch the video to see how racist the entire WEHO sex meth death scandal was handled. 

  • The video reveals the conspiracy and cover-up by West Hollywood and California politicians. John Duran, Ed Buck’s attorney, and a close friend didn’t hide the fact he wanted the Gemmel Moore murder investigation sidetracked at a West Hollywood City Council meeting.

Duran was also looking out for Congressman Adam Schiff and Los Angeles City Tax Assessor and former West Hollywood Councilman Jeffrey Prang, who is now under investigation for giving tax benefits to wealthy, connected Democrats.

CW: John Duran, Ed Buck, Adam Schiff, and Eric Bauman hanging out in West Hollywood; Duran, Schiff, Bauman, Prang; Buck and Prang; Schiff and Buck.

  • Schiff and Prang were friends with Buck and intimately involved in Southern California Democrat politics, especially socially in the West Hollywood area, which is in Schiff’s district. Eric Bauman, former gay chair of the California Democrat Party, was also with John Duran in sabotaging the Ed Buck investigation. Bauman, who was best friends with Buck, instructed politicians not to cooperate with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department inquiry.
  • Bauman continued to obstruct the investigation until late December 2018 when he was forced to resign after allegations of racism, sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior toward male party staff members and activists.
  • First, The New York Times tried to minimize Buck’s power and influence by referring to him as “a small-time Democratic donor and political activist.”
  • That’s like calling Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein “lovesick teenagers.”

Buck Contributed $500,000 to Democrat Candidates. 

  • According to federal records, Buck has contributed more than $500,000 to Democratic candidates and groups, and was classified by the California Secretary of State’s office as being a “major donor.”
  • Before he was nicknamed ‘Dr. Kevorkian’, Buck could have easily gone by Ed ‘Big Bucks’ with all of the campaign cash he was throwing around.
  • Second, it has been reported in multiple publications that the politicians and political action committees who took contributions from Buck acted quickly to distance themselves from him. West Hollywood politicians, Duran and D’Amico, took thousands of dollars from Buck. They knew about this fetish and drug operation on Laurel Avenue just off the Sunset Strip.