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$42 Carnival Cruise from Miami to Havana…
SS Florida sailing away from Miami to Havana, Cuba... 1950s...

$42 Carnival Cruise from Miami to Havana…

  • In the 1950s, you could cruise from Miami to Havana, Cuba for $42.00 per person aboard the S.S. Florida.
Ticket envelope for the SS Florida... 1950s...

Ticket envelope for the SS Florida… 1950s…

  • This fare included all transportation, two nights aboard ship, a day in Havana and all meals.


Carnival Cruise to Cuba..

Carnival Cruise to Cuba..


Sailing to Cuba aboard the S.S. Florida.

  • Up until now, due to the US embargo, no cruise ships visit Cuba from the States, and any ship that calls there cannot dock in the USA for six months afterwards.
  • The Peninsular and Occidental Steamship Company was a pioneer in today’s billion-dollar Florida cruise business.

  • Until Castro’s regime closed Cuba to cruise ships in 1960, the SS FLORIDA was sailing three times a week from Miami.
Passengers aboard the SS Florida on the Carnival Cruise to Havana... 1948

Passengers aboard the SS Florida on the Carnival Cruise to Havana… 1948



Fun in Havana…

Hav5 Hav6 Hav7 Hav8

Passengers on the Carnival Cruise… 

  • The SS FLORIDA had first sailed from Key West to Cuba until the 1934 devastating hurricane destroyed the terminal and rail connections to Miami.
  • Built in New Port News, Virginia, in 1931, the SS FLORIDA accommodated 612 passengers in first class and 130 in second class.
  • After World War 2 the overnight ship was turned into a one class liner.


SS Florida, waiting for pilot, on arrival in Havana… 1940s… 

Aboard the S.S. Florida

  • The S. S. Florida, P&O Steamship Company’s Flagship during the 1950’s.
  • The ship was a favorite sailing between Havana and Miami.
  • It also carried cars, so Cubans could bring their cars along when they came up to Miami to shop and visit.


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