RMS Titanic – Photos Talen Onboard On The Last Voyage

Almost everyone knows about the tragic story about the sinking of the world’s largest “unsinkable” ship. The legend of the RMS Titanic has lived on in the movies, books, television, and of course, James Cameron’s 1997 blockbuster film. The facts and history of the Titanic also live on in photos ... Read More »

Coulter’s Steamlined Modern Department Store Miracle Mile Los Angeles

Coulter’s Streamline Moderne flagship department store located on the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles, was designed by Stiles O. Clements and completed in 1938-39. Coulter’s stood four floors high, with a rounded exterior of white concrete and horizontal bands of glass block rather than proper windows. A dramatic seventy-two-foot-high panel ... Read More »

THE LARK – All-Pullman Sleeper Train – Overnight – San Francisco to Los Angeles

Southern Pacific’s deluxe streamliner Lark was the premiere overnight passenger between San Francisco and Los Angeles. A favorite of businessmen and movie stars. The Oakland Lark connected with the Lark at San Jose then via San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara to Southern California along the coast route. The Lark rivaled ... Read More »

California’s Old Movie Palaces New Video

California grand movie palaces escaped the wrecking ball and are thriving throughout the Golden State, including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Los Angeles, Fresno, Stockton, and many other cities. See them all in our New Video Our New Video: Featuring the 14 California Movie Palaces with theatre organ heard playing: ... Read More »

Berlin’s Famous Hotel Adlon Five Stars

The Adlong Hotel is one of the great hotels in the world. Berlin was a port of call by train in 1929 — after sailing from New York to Germany aboard the SS BREMEN. Upon arrival, tourists enjoyed a quick train ride from Hamburg to Berlin and accommodations at the ... Read More »

Judy Garland Premiere of A Star Is Born

More than 250 stars attended the September 1954 Pantages Theatre gala premiere. Many predicting an Oscar sweep for the films with top acting awards going to Judy Garland and James Mason. More than 20,000 fans were spectators at the Pantages premiere demanding Warner Bros and the Los Angeles Police Department to organize traffic ... Read More »

RMS Titanic – Books Passengers Were Reading On The Doomed Voyage

As the RMS Titanic was sinking beneath the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean on April 15, 1912, and survivors were thrashing about in the iceberg-clotted waters, what books might they have turned to with which to fashion a homemade life preserver or, in the case of some sturdy Theodore ... Read More »

Old Bay Line Night Boats between Baltimore, Washington DC and Norfolk!

On April 13, 1962, America’s last night boat service ended as the Old Bay Line’s steamers made their final voyages on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, ending service between Baltimore and Norfolk. Known officially as the Baltimore Steam Packet Company, which had come to be known as the Old ... Read More »

Psycho Star JANET LEIGH on the SUPER CHIEF – Train of the Stars!

Star of Alfred Hitchcock’s PSYCHO, Janet Leigh, is ready to board the famous SUPER CHIEF, and Virginia Leith, star of A KISS BEFORE DYING, shows us the all-Pullman train during the 1950s in a promotional film. Even the characters from TV’s MAD MEN may have been aboard the train throughout ... Read More »

Dinner in the Diner Onboard America’s Great Trains featuring the Super Chief

In 1868, George M. Pullman, who had won fame as a sleeping car builder, introduced the first dining car… The hotel-style car had a kitchen—the first passenger car designed exclusively for cooking and serving meals. THE 20th CENTURY LIMITED  FROM DOME DINERS to PRIVATE ROOMS The dome dining car in ... Read More »

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