AMTRAK – America needs to overhaul our national rail service.

Third rate airlines are not the answer!  It is time to look at the past and find a FIRST CLASS rail service that will compete with the shoddy and dreadful experience of flying in the USA. To economists and financial analysts whose obsession is return on investment, opinion leaders advocating smaller government, and corporate executives captivated by stock prices, Amtrak ... Read More »


Cruise line history: Crystal Cruises and NYK LINES. Parent company of Crystal Cruises history in the 1920s and 1930s.  Crystal Cruises carries on a great tradition…  Japan had one of the great passenger liner fleets. NYK carries on with a wonderful first class cruise line fleet since they created Crystal Cruises.  Ad from Travel Magazine in the late 1930s. CRUISE HISTORY – SAILING ... Read More »

1939: Last voyage of the legendary SS NORMANDIE…

Last voyage of the legendary SS NORMANDIE – Greatest liner to ever “cross the pond” from Europe to America. Wonderful new color film of the elegant French Line steamship. Never before seen… August 28, 1939 – The last voyage aboard the SS Normandie. One of the great videos of the greatest liners of all time. The French Line trans-Atlantic liner. ... Read More »

The Cruising Critic gives Five Star Award to Azamara Club Cruises…

Cruise Line Review: The Cruising Critic gives Five Star Award to Azamara Club Cruises – Upscale Boutique Hotels Afloat creating the first class steamship travel of the past… Azamara Cruises has the feel of smaller first class liners in the past. Such as Cunard and Holland-America Line operated during the heyday of trans-Atlantic service. The ships are comfortable and offer first ... Read More »


Wonderful 16mm Silent home movies taken in the 1950s and 60s of Grace Line 52 passenger cargo ship from New York through the Panama Canal to West Coast South American ports of Buenaventura Columbia, Guayaquil, Ecuador, Lima (Callo) Peru, Mollendo Peru, Arica Chile, Antofagasta Chile ending in Barquito (Chanaral) Chile…  Liner History – The Grace Line Cruise History – THE ... Read More »

Chinese theme park to feature RMS Titanic iceberg collision…

Chinese theme park to feature RMS Titanic iceberg collision. A company in southwestern China has announced plans to build a full-scale replica of the Titanic, the passenger ship that famously sank in 1912. The Seven Star Energy Investment Group, based in Sichuan Province, said it would spend spend 1 billion renminbi, or about $164 million, to build an ocean liner ... Read More »

Will the SS United States find new life in 2014?

SS United States – the historic American trans-Atlantic liner heading out of New York on maiden voyage.  The people who are trying to resurrect the SS United States just won’t quit. In April, the outlook was not good for the huge, historic vessel that has hovered like a specter over the South Philly waterfront since the mid-’90s. The SS United ... Read More »

Jan 18th… 89-Day World Cruise aboard the CRYSTAL SERENITY – 5 Star Award…

Crystal Cruises is part of NYK Line and Cruise Line History.  The famous Japanese steamship company saved Jewish refugees escaping Nazi Germany in 1941 aboard the MS Heian Maru. 5 Star Rating from Cruising The Past: Crystal Cruises maintains the great glamor, first class standards and excitement of ocean travel.   When getting there was half the fun.   Crystal Cruises carries on ... Read More »

GRAF ZEPPELIN, HAMBURG-AMERICA LINE: Germany to Rio de Janeiro – $950 round-trip…

The 1933 American Steamship Guide listing for the Grap Zeppelin’s airship service from Germany to Rio de Janeiro via Barcelona, Pernambuco and Sevilla Connections could be made with Pan American Airways. (Click on image to have a full view.) During the late 1920s and early 1930s, it seemed that hydrogen and helium-filled airships, not propeller-driven planes, would be the future ... Read More »


French Line Cabin sailings in 1933 aboard what they called their “Cabin Service”. The Champlain, Lafayette, De Grasse and Rochambeau offered sailings (6 to 7 days at sea) from New York to France on a regular service. Cabin, Tourist (aboard the Champlain and Lafayette) and Third Class. Express service (5 days at sea) was being offered by the Paris and ... Read More »


The gentle sensation of the wind and waves, the pleasure of the little luxuries offered on board, the freedom to indulge in spot of traveling: with these promises the cruise industry has been inspiring people for more than 115 years. A retrospective. 160 years ago nobody in their wildest dreams would have contemplated volunteering for a sea journey. Back then, ... Read More »

Cruising The Past: Vintage Photos of Luxury Liners

1926: Benefit all night ball held aboard the White Star Line’s MAJESTIC moored at Southampton. A 1000 guest were aboard the famous liner. Dancing on the decks. Although cruise ships have received some bad press in the past year, they still represent a luxurious vacation away from everyday life. And when trips on luxury ocean liners were first becoming popular ... Read More »

WHEN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES RODE THE RAILS… President Truman’s “Whistle-stop” Tour…

Social History: Excellent home footage of President Truman on his campaign train “whistle-stop”… Rear of train and Sam Wah cafe during during Harry Truman’s Whistle Stop tour. Austin, Texas. – 1948 The “whistle-stop” tour has been a tradition in American politics since the mid-1800s. Politicians travelled the nation by train, stopping to speak to citizens from a platform at the ... Read More »

Film Review: “The Wolf of Wall Street” demands a huge investment of time for a paltry return.

(Left: Leonardo DiCaprio, Meet Jordan Belfort) The FBI has a word to describe “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Martin Scorsese’s over-amped, overdone, over everything take on unscrupulous brokers and their standard and poor behavior. It’s “Grenada,” as in it’s a no-win situation. Like the overmatched islanders futilely trying to fend off a massive invasion of U.S. troops in 1983, “The ... Read More »

SS ALEUTIAN (SS TRADEWIND)… Hawaiian-Pacific’s short bid to compete with Matson Lines during the 1950s with voyages to Hawaii from San Francisco.

Hawaiian-Pacific was hastily organized in 1953 to operate low-price travel to Hawaii from California against its chief competitor, Matson Lines. Matson had the beautiful totally rebuild cruise liner SS Lurline – with air-conditioning, extensive deck space and full first class service.  All ships operating between the US mainland and Hawaii must fly the American flag.  Crews and staff must be ... Read More »