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The French Line’s fabulous ILE DE FRANCE

Another great YOUTUBE video from Joanna Coleman… of the ILE DE FRANCE… Here is a wonderful piece on the great French liner ILE DE FRANCE from New York Social Diary by maritime artist and historian: Scott McBee… The newly re-fitted SS Ile de France in 1949, having been restyle and sporting only two funnels, leaving Le Havre for its Atlantic ... Read More »

VOGUE LIVING was assisted by the CRUISING THE PAST resourses and the website’s historical collection of steamship-liner-cruise memorbalia for the magazine’s Nov/Dec issue.

Cruising The Past assisted the editors of Australia’s VOGUE LIVING. The major publication drew upon our historical collection of steamship-liner-cruise memorabilia in connection with the magazine’s 14 page guide to cruising in November/December issue.  To read all about the popular chic down under fashion journal click here for VOGUE LIVING. Recalling the grand days of cruising and sailing above P&O ... Read More »

Cruise Ships History: Italian Line’s beautiful liner CONTE DI SAVIOA captured by New York based artist Scott McBee and link to his wonderful article on this great ship found on New York Social Diary.

Scott Houston McBee’s rendering of the Conte di Savoia. Principessa Mafalda with family and friends aboard the Conte Di Savoi. Princess Mafalda married the Prince of Hesse. In 1943 when Mussolini was overthrown, and the King led the country into the Allied camp, both the Princess and Prince were sent to a concentration camp where they died. Conte Di Savoi ... Read More »

When the Stars and Celebrities sailed Cunard’s great liners during the 1950s and 1960s.

Cunard Lines, like many other steamship companies during the 1930s through the 1960s, had public relations staff and photographers cover sailing day of all their liners – including the RMS Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth, Mauritania, Medea, Parthia and Caronia.   They photographed the stars as they crossed the pond and sailed from New York.  Here is a collection of photos of ... Read More »

Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, Maria Callas and the fabulous CHRISTINA O – the greatest yacht of them all.

SOCIAL HISTORY: CHRISTINA O – the greatest yacht of them all.  Aristotle Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, Sir Winston Churchill, Maria Callas and the fabulous boat.  The famous yacht heads up the Hudson River – 1960s… (Left: Aristotle Onassis aboard the Christina O in 1950s.) His hospitality was legendary, his charm mythical, his prowess unstoppable, his power formidable, his fortune unsurpassed. In ... Read More »

The SS FRANCE arrives in port… 1960s…

SS France arriving during her heyday as one of the most elegant and grand ways to enjoy “crossing the pond” – from New York to Europe during the late 1960s… SS France was a Compagnie Générale Transatlantique (CGT, or French Line) ocean liner, constructed by the Chantiers de l’Atlantique shipyard at Saint-Nazaire, France, and put into service in February 1962. ... Read More »


Social History: History of The Cunard Line – The world’s most famous steamship line… carrying on the great tradition of first class liners celebrating the age of cruising the past with the new luxury liner QUEEN ELIZABETH! The best YOUTUBE video on Cunard’s newest liner: QUEEN ELIZABETH.   UK’s monarch and a ship named after her.  Great tradition, retro fun and ... Read More »

Ghost Hunters Planning Titanic Mission

Ghost Hunters Planning RMS Titanic Mission A group of ghost hunters is planning a titanic mission in order to see whether the spirits of the folks who drowned on the RMS Titanic are still haunting the site of the wreck. In April, 20 paranormal researchers are planning a trip 960 miles off the coast of New York to the place ... Read More »

ANDREA DORIA – The fabulous Italian Line ship whose fate was sealed by the Swedish America Line’s STOCKHOLM.

Joanna Coleman’s terrific color footage from her terrific site on YOUTUBE of the Italian ocean liner SS Andrea Doria in the 1950’s which sunk after colliding with the MV Stockholm. LINER AND SOCIAL HISTORY — ANDREA DORIA – The fabulous Italian Line ship whose fate was sealed by the Swedish America Line’s STOCKHOLM. By the mid-1950s, with the postwar passenger ... Read More »

Wonderful color footage of the great liner SS NORMANDIE…

Wonderful color home movies of the great liner SS NORMANDIE… Crossing The Pond will never again be like this… elegance, glamor and chic passengers are a total thing of the past. No matter what the ship is like – the passengers reflect its greatness – and one look at t-shirts and cargo shorts along with baseball caps – makes one ... Read More »

The World’s Largest Yachts

THE PAST: J. P. Morgan built the CORSAIR at the height of the Great Depression.  She was a classic yacht and reflected a style of life now totally something of cruising the past. THE FUTURE: 2010 – The largest yacht in the world. Cruising the past and future: The World’s Largest Yachts in 2010… The world’s super yachts are some ... Read More »

Revealing Titanic exhibition to open in London

Revealing RMS Titanic exhibition to open in London STILL the most famous ship of all time, Titanic is the focus of a new exhibition opening at the O2 this week 98 years after the tragedy. Some 300 artifacts including the ship’s porthole and wheel will be on display from Friday, some having never been seen before. There will also be ... Read More »