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FOX THEATRE DETROIT… Location of the GOP Debates…

The lobby and entrance of the Fox Theatre Detroit – One of the Last Great Movie Palaces. Elvis Presley at the Fox Theatre Detroit.  1950s. The once great industrial capital of the world is home to the FOX THEATRE… one of the last remaining movies palace in the USA. Hear the Mighty Wurlitzer play at the grand Fox Theatre in ... Read More »

El Horriya is the fifth largest yacht in the world…

El Horriya is the fifth largest yacht in the world is also one of the oldest super yachts still in operation. El Horriya was originally built in London in 1865 for the King of Egypt and the length was extended in 1872 and in 1905 and last refitted in 1987. Length is 478 feet, top speed 16 knots and total ... Read More »

When shipboard travel was an event aboard the SS Lurline… and a disappointment on Cunard’s mediocre cruise-ship Queen Victoria

A  wonderful photo of Matson Line’s SS LURLINE during the late 1930s.  The enclosed promenade deck.  A steward serving bouillon in the late morning before luncheon.  A boy looking out to the sea.  This is now a total memory. I recently sailed trans-Atlantic aboard Cunard Line’s Queen Victoria.  The ship had no promenade.  There were no deck chairs similar to ... Read More »


Edwin writes: “Killing a little while on this tub…” on this postcard… postmarked 1919 The “tub” – S.S. Jefferson – Photo side of postcard. Alaska Steamship’s SS Jefferson at salmon cannery dock, Port Nellie Juan. The SS Jefferson was built in 1904 and scrapped in 1925. History: Alaska Steamship Company, Seattle, 1895-1971 Regular monthly boat service from U.S. ports to ... Read More »


Liner History – Newfoundland’s RED CROSS STEAMSHIP LINE World War I – D Company, First Newfoundland Regiment, lining rails of S.S. Stephano, ready to leave for overseas, March 20, 1915. From the late 1800s until 1929, the main passenger and freight-carrying service between St. John’s, Newfoundland and New York (via Halifax, Nova Scotia) was provided by Bowring Brothers Ltd (aka ... Read More »

Sailing to Hawaii on the SS LURLINE…

William Matson had first come to appreciate the name in the 1870s while serving as skipper aboard the Claus Spreckels family yacht Lurline (a poetic variation of Loreley, the Rhine river siren) out of San Francisco Bay. Matson met his future wife, Lillie Low, on a yacht voyage he captained to Hawaii; the couple named their daughter Lurline Berenice Matson. ... Read More »

SS NORMANDIE and RMS QUEEN MARY during World War 2

Ocean Liner History: SS NORMANDIE and RMS QUEEN MARY during World War 2 Video of the SS Normandie The war found the French Line’s elegant trans-Atlantic ocean liner SS Normandie in New York. Soon Cunard’s RMS Queen Mary, later refitted as a troop ship, docked nearby. Then the RMS Queen Elizabeth joined the Queen Mary. For two weeks the three ... Read More »