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History of the Holland America Line – Holland America Line Cruises… The HAL liner NIEUW AMSTERDAM in the 1950s with the SS UNITED STATES Liner History would not be complete, without studying the venerable Holland America Line.  One of the last lines to offer Trans-Atlantic crossings on a regular basis before the Jet took the fun out of crossing the ... Read More »

Mapping of the RMS Titanic wreck begins…

LINER HISTORY – CRUISE SHIP HISTORY – Mapping of the RMS Titanic wreck begins… The bow of the RMS Titanic lies on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada… THE RMS TIANTIC… A high-tech expedition that aims to create a detailed map of the wreckage of the Titanic has begun exploring the ocean floor where ... Read More »


HOLLAND AMERICA LINE HISTORY – BOAT DAY: Sailings from New York aboard the Holland-America Line’s SS Nieuw Amsterdam & US Line’s SS United States during the glamor period of trans-Atlantic crossings from the 1950s. ANOTHER BOAT DAY: The gorgeous mid-century ship TSS ROTTERDAM sailing from New York on May 23, 1966. The end of a full schedule of trans-Atlantic crossings ... Read More »

History of Princess Cruises

Cruise Line History Princess Cruises History: Exploring the origin of Princess Cruises and their naming the “Princess” ships. Where did the name of each of their “Love Boat” cruise ships originate? A painting Cruising The Past commissioned of the first “Love Boat” and original cruise ship of Princess Cruises – the PRINCESS PATRICIA. Ready to sail from Los Angeles, seen ... Read More »

Egypt’s passenger steamship company: The Khedivial Mail Line

Khedivial Mail Line once operated service between Egypt and New York. SS Mohamed Ali el-Kebir The original name of the company is unknown but it is thought that it was founded in 1858. The Khedivial Mail Steamship & Graving Dock Co. was formed in 1898 to operate ships and docks owned by various departments of the Egyptian Government, but little ... Read More »

Greetings from the Canadian-Australian Royal Mail Steam Ship Company – 1913

The Aorangi (17,491 grt, 600 ft. long) was delivered in 1924 to the Union Line of New Zealand.  She was transferred in 1931 to the Canadian Australasian Line, a company formed jointly by the Union Line and Canadian Pacific to operate the transpacific service between Australia/New Zealand and Canada. She was sold for scrap in 1953. Pacific Liner History: Canadian-Australian ... Read More »


THE ANDREA DORIA TRAGEDY HAPPENED 57 YEARS AGO. Social History and Cruise History.  Looking back to  July 25, 1956. The 57th Memorial Anniversary of the sinking of the Andrea Doria. The first SOS reached the Coast Guard station in East Moriches, Long Island, and an armada of ships were dispatched to rescue more than 700 passengers. Struck in the side, ... Read More »

ROXY THEATRE “The Cathedral of the Motion Picture”

Social History: ROXY THEATRE “The Cathedral of the Motion Picture” If a picture is worth a thousand words, then one look at photos of this palatial movie palace is worth about a million. Often cited as the most impressive movie palace ever built, the Roxy Theatre was called “The Cathedral of the Motion Picture” by its creator and namesake, Samuel ... Read More »

Raise the Titanic! Virtually, that is.

Video on the Titanic. Liner and Cruise History: Raise the Titanic! Virtually, that is. On Aug. 18, an expedition will begin exploring the lost ship, some 2.5 miles down on the floor of the Atlantic. “Ultimately our mission is to preserve the legacy of this monument to human history,” says David Gallo of the Woods Hole (Mass.) Oceanographic Institution. Gallo ... Read More »